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Staying Connected in Love Long Distance

I regularly do workshops for couples so help them improve and heal their relationships. One part of the workshop is devoted to creating rituals of connection. Stable, happy couples have routines that support their connection and keep their loving feelings alive. Maintaining these routines can be especially hard when one or both of you travel and your regular connection rituals… Read more →

Communicating Needs

One thing we know from the research on the science of love, is communicating our needs to our partner is really important. It’s not just any needs though, it’s attachment – love bond – needs. Attachment needs come from a different level – a deep emotional level. When we communicate attachment needs from the deep emotional level it moves partners… Read more →

Start Noticing

We all know what it feels like to have tension in our relationship and how uncomfortable that distance is.  That distance is very uncomfortable and when we have chronic dis-ease it can turn into disease; depression, discouragement and increased self-doubts. I was reading a brief bit on this very thing by Kim Allen, and want to share some of it… Read more →

Help Your Husband Understand You: 3 Easy Steps

I was in church this morning the question came up about what we need from each other in the marriage relationship. The exchange inspired me to write a little bit about how to help your husband be more emotionally present for you when you’re distressed. It was interesting to hear wives respond to wanting to share goals and plans, and… Read more →