Love Sense

For decades people have thought that nothing makes sense when it comes to love.  Over the last 15 years science has shown just the opposite.  There is science behind love and it can be understandable.  Once you understand it, then you can be successful in your relationships.

Dr. Sue Johnson has written a revolutionary book, Love Sense, to learn about just that.   For the first time we have a map to understand what love is all about.   This book  teaches how to make that connection so longed for, that  it’s not about conflict, it’s about emotional disconnection. We are wired in our chemistry and in our nervous system to connect with other people.  When you feel hurt/rejected/pushed away it literally hurts.  She teaches how partners can reach out and respond to one another.  Read about the science of love, and how to make sense of yours!  You can order it here:

See the news interview with Sue below: