I won’t give up






Jason Mraz has a song “I won’t give up” that fits so well with the determination to make love work so many people have. I have seen that determination, with the right tools, make all the difference in couples finding their way through tough spots.

Love is worth fighting for.

It’s worth investing time and attention into learning about.

Marriage can be what’s it’s meant to be – a place to come home, a solace, a comfort.

Yesterday I had the honor to work with a couple in distress who are using their determination to change the path of destruction they’ve been on. They’ve had so many things working against them, all the types of things that increase the risk of divorce. And there they were, willing to drive extra hours to work with a stranger to get help getting to the heart of their distress and find their way back to connection. And they did it.

I’m so grateful that I can help couples use their determination to find their way back to each other. It’s sweet stuff being there when couples fall back in love.

With that in mind, I notice how much I’m looking forward to the couple workshop I’m doing this week. If you’re relationship is in distress, or you know someone’s whose is, check this out now – you can also find your way back to each other. Click Here.

Thanks Jason Mraz for this beautiful song – there is hope for love. Do you think love is worth fighting for? I’d love to hear your thoughts.