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I’m so glad you’re interested in saving your relationship. And, since you’re serious about making your relationship really WORK and want to be deeply “in-love” your whole life learning about this workshop may be the most important thing you can do for your marriage.



Lasting Love Calls For Us To Learn Stuff

That is Totally Counter Intuitive

The logic of love is simple to understand but not something we’re taught about growing up. Because we don’t know about love, we misunderstand each other and end up hurting each other.We don’t realize that when we fight we’re fighting for love. Or that when we clam up, we’re clamming up to protect love.

Love also has it’s own language. And when we’re in love we have special needs from our partner. Important feelings, fears, and the way we see the world impacts us differently when we’re in love. Then, because we don’t know how to talk about these things we get tripped up.

When we know how to talk the right way we can use this language to develop the deep intimacy and acceptance we all desire.

When we know how, we can have deep and connecting conversations, and we can interact and stay in conversations without things getting too heated, or shut down, and we can solve problems to be really together as a team – even when we don’t agree.

Everything is possible with love, when you know how.

The techniques I use in this workshop have been tried and tested.

If You Fight – Even If You Fight With Silence
You’re Fighting For Your Relationship and
BECAUSE Your Connection Matters.


If your relationship is in distress, if you fight – even if you fight with silence – this workshop will help you. Because you’re still fighting for the relationship.  And we really only have the kind of fights we have with the person we love, because we love them. And, that’s part of our human biology.

We have to learn to work with our nature and that’s what this workshop is all about.

This workshop will help you utilize your love and your fights to develop deeper intimacy and connection.

You’ll learn how to really deal with conflict in a way that makes your love stronger.

Learn, Practice, Take It Home

What you’ll receive in this workshop a set of tools and techniques. During the workshop you will learn to use, and practice using these tools and techniques and you will take them with you at the end of the workshop so you can continue to use any argument you have to develop deeper connection.

The first technique you’ll learn is how to “zoom out” so you can view your relationship dance and see how the two you move together in a way that gives you the exact opposite results than what you’re trying to get.

Think of other teams, like sports teams for example. When they want to improve their game so they can work together for great success, they get off the field and review the play by play.

Your relationship is a team and it takes both of you recognizing and understanding the play-by-play by getting off the field and zooming out to get you on the same team, fighting to win together. If you don’t learn to zoom-out then your fights put keep putting you on oppositve teams rather than knowing how to use your tension to create more intimacy.

Love is All About Emotion And How We Handle It


Since love is an emotional connection and being in-love is an intimate emotional connection, this workshop is geared to help you understand the language of love. 


If you come to this workshop you WILL have more positive marriage experiences RIGHT AWAY and you’ll feel better about your relationship and better about yourself too.


I fully guarantee you this workshop is NOT stuff pulled out of an outdated or unproven self-help book. It is however, based on a self-help book that combines material and information from the new science of love and rock solid techniques and is totally logical.,


If you want help for your relationship and you want it from someone who uses a proven therapy model in an effective learn, practice, take-it-home format with  someone who really knows how to help from years of successful experience (along with the right training), then you’re in the right place.

If you’d like to strengthen your marriage and you want the tools and experience implementing them, so you can get right to the heart of the matter then this workshop is for you.  

In summary, in this workshop we’ll cover:

* A complete system to deal with CONFLICT: how to handle it when it comes up, how to avoid the meaningless fights that cause serious damage to your trust and passion, and how to use fights to actually make you closer and more intimate than ever before. This is a big one, and you don’t want to miss it.

* The most destructive patterns couples get caught in that cause damage to their relationship. Seriously, you’ve probably got one of these patterns, and they are dangerous.

* How to GROW your sensual connection, so you keep exploring deeper and deeper levels of pleasure, rather than letting things get stale and unsatisfying.

* How to send and receive love so you both get your love needs met. A lot of miscommunication and dissatisfaction stems from our inability to probably express our love and devotion.

* How to achieve the highest possible level of love and partnership, so your relationship becomes the source of strength and personal fulfillment in your life.

That’s just a fraction of what you’ll learn in this Keeping Love Alive workshop.

The next workshop is coming soon to San Diego. You can learn more about it and use your coupon code to register now by clicking here: June in San Diego or continue reading and sign up below.

Read What Other’s Have Said They Learned At
This Workshop With Becca 

“We found there’s more and more for us to really talk about. (smiling)”
“We had an experience that proved how important it is for us to do this work. For me it feels like a celebration.”


“We had a great time. We had this little moment, and I said “I think this is it!” It was a moment where I felt our relationship becoming what I’ve always dreamed about.”
“I feel exhausted; the conversations are really deep and revealing.”


“We had a little upset that ended really quickly. Because of what we learned I was able to step away from the content of the complaint. I felt hopeful about it. And we moved through it in about 15 seconds. It excited me about how fast it can be over, arguments take much more time.


“After the practice, I found it easier to ask for a need without fear of a negative response. And so I did it, and there was no negative response!”


“At the end of the first day we decided to go out and have some fun. And we had a little bit of an issue. I noticed it was easier for me to understand what MY fear was, what was going on, why I was feeling uncomfortable or negative about something my partner had said. And it wasn’t what he said, it was my own fear that was the issue and we were able to discuss that. We got to a better understanding, instead of a feeling badly about each other.”


“We’re taking what we’re learning here and putting it into the chaos of normal life. We’re learning how to translate it into our real world life.”


“It’s been such a gift to have this amazing opportunity. I feel so good about “us”.”


“As I was putting it all together, I heard that she’s not asking for much. I felt like, is that it? I can do that. I realized what gets in the way. It seems a lot easier now.”


“When I heard what she really needs, I felt like, “Oh that’s not too much, I can do that. It’s easy to give, and it’s not much, and it’s what I would need. I can understand her.”


“A great friend takes you warts and all. That’s how I want to be with my partner. I want to treat her with acceptance, and this has helped me be on that path.”


“I understand now that connection is more important than content, and I figured out I have a better chance of fixing the content if we have connection first. And that’s huge for me.”


*12 CEU’s available for some health professionals.


Friday  10:00 – 5:00

Saturday  9:00 – 4:00

About Your Facilitator


Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen

Becca is an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Supervisor and Trainer.  She is the Director of the Training and Research Institute for Emotionally Focused Therapy at Alliant International University, and co-founder and director of the internationally recognized San Diego Center for EFT. These organizations focus on training and supervising therapists who want to learn how to provide excellent EFT couples therapy.

Dr Jorgensen works and co-presents with Dr. Sue Johnson, the Emotionally Focused Therapy originator and developer of the Hold Me Tight© Relationship Enhancement Program.

In addition to training therapists face-to-face throughout North America, New Zealand and Europe, Becca also specializes in distance and online education. Her online education programs are popular all around the globe.
Recognized as an expert on healing couple distress, couples and therapists travel from out of state and country to work directly with Dr. Jorgensen at these Hold Me Tight© Workshops, Intensive Couples Therapy and Professional Trainings.  This “therapists’ therapist” is known for her presence, clarity, genuineness, warmth and empathy.

To learn more about Becca, explore this website.  Therapists you can learn more about her here.


Why Take This Workshop? This couples intensive educational workshop, Conversations for Connection, will help you improve your relationship from where-ever it is right now. You will learn new ways to communicate about your relationship issues so you can problem solve and develop a closer relationship. You will understand what our real needs are, as human beings, in close relationships. You will experience presentations, video demonstration and many exercises and dialogues with your partner. You will be supported by the workshop leaders and workshop helpers so you can leave knowing how to maintain the closeness and skills you gained during the workshop.

NOTE: This is an educational workshop and not therapy, we encourage you to seek therapy if you are in high relational distress.


Alliant International University

10455 Pomerado Rd

San Diego, California

Green Hall


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Workshop cost is $845


If you have additional questions you can contact Dr. Jorgensen’s office via email at

Contact us, if you’d like more information, or want to work with Becca in a boot-camp, or intensive therapy format.

Watch Sue Johnson talking about Hold Me Tight, the book this workshop is based on. Becca works directly with Sue Johnson on her team training therapists around the world how to help couples, as well as helping couples directly.


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*Alliant International University is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Alliant International University maintains responsibility for the program and its content.  Alliant International University is approved by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences to provide continuing education for MFTs and LCSWs(provider #PCE234). Alliant International University is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing to provide continuing education for Nurses (provider #CEP11235).


A bit more about me and my story –

My life as a relationship therapist – and wife

Let me share an important story with you.

I’ve spent many years as a professional counselor learning how to help couples be more successful with love and marriage…and figuring it for myself too.

I read all kinds of books, went to class after class, studied therapy approach after therapy approach and found there wasn’t an approach available to the “general public” that could be really counted on to consistently work.
I needed to know, and this motivated me to complete a long journey working with couples, love EXPERTS, therapists, researchers and finally I found there is only one therapy approach that has really good success rates with couples.

This approach works best with highly trained and specialized clinicians. So I became that – highly trained, specialized and proficient in the foremost and most successful couple therapy. Along the way, I learned enough to change my own marriage (after being a pitiful failure at marriage) so I can now say, 16 years in, we’re truly happy and still hot and heavy in-love (if you get my drift).

As a therapist, working with one couple at a time, I can’t see everyone that needs help fast enough. On top of that it’s very expensive to attend weekly therapy. And lots of couples just want to work out their rough spots without going to therapy for whatever reason.

I needed to know how to help more couples.

I wanted to do an educational format and fortunately I am in a position of working directly with the founder of the couple therapy that is proven successful (the famous Sue Johnson) so I got to directly pilot the development of this workshop and it really WORKS.

It’s based on real human experience and successful therapy research. You’ll learn a lot, help your relationship and get the hope back.
I’m looking forward to seeing you in San Diego.
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