Relationship Quiz

Relationship Quiz

  YES     NO  

 We usually agree about money

 We usually agree about affection

 We enjoy our recreation time together

 We usually agree about sexual intimacy

 We each get along with our in-laws

 We usually agree about the way we share
 household tasks

 We get enough away time to stay connected

 We can talk about difficult things

 We resolve arguments shortly after they happen

 We usually laugh together

 We kiss and hug everyday

 I never regret that we married

 I rarely think or talk about separation or divorce



If you answer Yes to most of these questions your relationship is probably in great shape. If you answer No to many of the questions then you need to work on improving aspects of your relationship. You may also want to ask yourself some other questions and learn about how counseling can help.

John Gottman’s research has found that most couples wait 6 years on average before they seek help. The longer you wait the harder it can be to repair your relationship.

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