Intensive Couple Therapy

Join me for 4 days and jump start your relationship to healing and more happiness.

You will learn to

  • Break the cycles of frustration and loneliness in your relationship
  • Make sense of your own emotions and your partner’s
  • Create lasting trust and intimacy
  • Forgive injuries that destroy trust and safety
  • Deepen your romantic/sexual connection.

During intensive couple therapy your strengths and difficulties are addressed in a personalized way.

You can improve, strengthen, heal and transform your relationship from where-ever it is right now using the tools and experience you gain.

During intensive couple therapy you will enjoy getting away to a beautiful setting. You can renew and strengthen your relationship with breakthrough strategies that will help you stop arguing, learn how to problem solve and really communicate even about the issues that often set you off track with each other.

Intensive couple therapy is unique and special because it offers:

  • Practical Tools and Steps – you will practice new strategies and techniques with your partner.
  • Time Away to Focus – make your relationship a priority and take time to focus on what your relationship needs. Having dedicated time allows you to immerse in new ways of thinking and doing things as they are introduced to you. When you leave you can take with you the clarity you need to make your changes last.
  • Effective Approach – having worked with hundreds of couples and trained thousands of therapists Becca has the inside information on what really works to turn marriages around. You can find resolution to longstanding issues with this effective approach to couple therapy.

Take hope and happiness home with you.

Learn more about Intensive Couple Therapy with Dr. Rebecca Jorgensen by Clicking Here.

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